Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Quiet, Still Words on a Page

JANICE:  When I read a book, I want quiet, still words on a page that stir something in my brain, not on my screen. I want quiet, still illustrations that I can study and hear myself think. What does this mean? That I want e-books and apps to disappear? Not at all. I just don't want real books to disappear. To each his own.
Here is a favorite page from our book, A Mare for Young Wolf.

Look carefully at the illustration. The sun is rising from behind the hills. It is Spring, and Young Wolf sits in a field of bluebonnets. He is alert as he looks at the mare, Red Wind. Something is passing between them. None of the other horses are paying him any mind, only Red Wind.
Now read the words. Red Wind speaks to Young Wolf. What do you think "Nnnnn-hhhhh" means? Make the sound out loud.
"Her spirit entered his heart." What does that mean to you? Listen to yourself think.
If you want to read the whole book, go to the library and look for this cover: