Friday, December 25, 2015

"Our World" and Others

JANICE:  For Christmas Tom gave me his painting called, "Our World." In amazing detail it shows our living and dining room with many paintings and drawings by Tom, our sons Karl and Daniel, Tom's mother, a needlepoint tapestry by me of our sons' childhood drawings, and family photographs on our dining table shrine. This is our magical tree house.

You will find this same meticulous detail in Tom's illustrations such as this one from I, Vivaldi, showing young Antonio and his papa entering the Basilica San Marco in Venice, their world. Can you find them? Hint: They both have red hair.

Also this illustration from A Peddler's Dream that shows young Solomon Joseph Azar, a peddler from Lebanon, arriving in Austin, Texas, where he will make his dream of having a store of his own come true and make Congress Avenue his world.