Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh, Those Koreans!

JANICE:  Those Koreans know what they want. They are eager to introduce their children to the high culture of the world, including western classical music.

First a Korean publisher, Tomato House, bought foreign rights to publish our picture book biography,  I, Vivaldi, (Eerdmans, 2008) and did so beautifully.

So Tom and I were thrilled when they offered to publish our latest picture book,  I, Papa Haydn, even though it has not been published in English. We won't be able to read my words, but as Tom says, "Pictures tell the story no matter what the language."

He is busy painting the final illustrations. Here is a double page spread showing young Joseph Haydn coming into Vienna where he will sing in the boys' choir at St. Stephens Cathedral.

And here Joseph and his teacher, Master Reuter, arrive at the Cathedral.
Publishing date is December, 2013. Thank you, Tomato House. We love you. And who knows, maybe an American publisher will purchase foreign rights to publish the book in English!