Thursday, April 19, 2012

When Tom Has No Book to Illustrate

He paints.
Tom has decided to do a series of Austin images. One of the first is "Capitol Guardians." The idea struck us one day as we drove across the Congress Avenue bridge, headed toward the Texas state capitol building. Powerful skyscrapers loomed up on either side of the graceful capitol building, seeming to guard it. Tom snapped some photos.

Back in his studio he made sketches, the final one in ink, using a light table. Notice how he distorted the perspective to make the skyscrapers seem to hover over the capitol and guard it.

Then he traced it in pencil onto watercolor paper and painted.

Tom's next painting project is a glorious view from the Oasis on Lake Travis. We recently spent an entire day there, Tom doing a small color study and a large pencil sketch. The staff has embraced us and the project. They even posted a photo on Facebook of Tom at work. (The Oasis on Lake Travis)

We will return soon so Tom can paint the final scene on location and will post it here.